The Sponsor Matchmaker - The 1% Event

This month, we’re exploring events that Raise. The. Stakes! Last week, we discussed the 1% Event that turned a game show into a massive draw for the audience.

This week we're exploring the 1% Event that changed the way they incorporate sponsors into their event.

Learn how to increase sponsorship revenue while providing value for your event attendees!


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Game Show Ideas for Events: The Live Pitch - The 1% Event

This month, we’re exploring 1% Events that RAISE THE STAKES! Last week was about helping break-out speakers level-up their presentations.

This week, find out how an amazing European event marries Shark Tank with Marketing concepts.

What did they do that had the entire audience riveted for an hour? It’s all about....THE LIVE PITCH!




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How to Level-Up Your Breakout Session Speakers - The 1% Event

99% of events we attend are the same. What about the other 1%? Every Tuesday I share another example of The 1% Event.

This month we are profiling amazing 1% Events that RAISE. THE. STAKES.

Sometimes your event will have multiple speakers with different presentation styles. Here's how to make sure your Breakout Session Speaker brings their A-GAME!




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