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Your First 182 Days - Advice to Make the Biggest Impact From Your Very First Day

I saw him coming—the guy with a clipboard and a name tag. He made eye contact before I even started to cross the street.

"Hey, you two like checks?" he said in an English accent as my wife and I stepped up the curb on Austin's S. Congress Street.

"Huh?" I thought to myself.

"No thanks," I said, just as I'd planned from when he'd made eye contact.

What a weird opening line, right?

Checks? What the heck?

Moments later, I caught a glimpse of our reflection in a shop window.

Oh... CHECKS... I smiled.

In England, they call plaid "checks."

There we were, enjoying all of Austin's weirdness, wearing matching plaid shirts.

Elizabeth and I were Twinning.

Twinning is the accidental dressing or looking like your spouse, friends, family, or significant other.

Twinning is subconscious and unintentional.

Psychologists have proven that Twinning is more likely to occur the longer you're together. They call it "Couple Conformity."

(We're celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this year, and yes, we find ourselves dressing alike all the time.)

So this week, I thought I'd share with you the one piece of advice I give to any marketer starting a new job. It's the same advice I give to recent college graduates and new agency partners.

The advice is counterintuitive. It's controversial, and it requires a deep understanding of how Twinning affects our thinking.

(BTW, if you have NOT recently started a new job or graduated from college, you may want to watch this video and then forward it to your latest teammate. I promise you'll thank me later.)

What's my simple advice?

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Andrew Davis is the Real Deal!

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"Andrew was BY FAR our best keynote speaker ever. He is spectacular. He listened to us in our pre-event calls and really customized his presentation to our audience. It made a huge difference!"

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Andrew is a Stellar Guest Speaker!

"Andrew is a stellar guest speaker! His positive energy fills the room. Watching our team listen and respond to his session is a joy to behold. In addition, Andrew is so incredibly flexible and adaptable. It is a pleasure to work with someone who rolls with every event's zig and zag."

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He certainly left an impact on each person there.

“Andrew’s session was extremely engaging, thought-provoking, and entertaining. He certainly left an impact on each person there.”

Scott Newman


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