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The Laws of Attraction

What happens when you market the place you do business
more than the business you do.


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The Power of Story

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The Laws of Attraction

What happens when you market the place you do business more than the business you do!

When is the last time you read the “About Us” page on your website? Better yet, when is the last time you updated it? Believe it or not, that page is one of the most underutilized tools in your marketing arsenal. All you have to do is answer one simple question: why is your business based here?

In this keynote presentation, bestselling author and former television producer Andrew Davis will uncover the four simple secrets to driving higher-margin business just by marketing the place you do business.

He’ll teach you what makes a great origin story. He’ll show you how to leverage location-envy to attract the best employees. He’ll teach you how to create a sense of place.

But more importantly, you’ll be inspired to leverage the power of place to build your business - and your town!

Are you ready to stake your claim?

Attendees lining up to talk to Andrew Davis after a speech.

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Highest-Rated We've Ever Had!

"The promo video, the relatable, creative, and entertaining keynote, and the provocative ideas made Andrew's keynote's among the highest-rated we've ever had! "

William Ortiz


Randall Reilly


Vice President, Brand & Sales Marketing

Full of Laughter. Fully Engaged!

"Everyone absolutely LOVED Andrew's keynote presentation. The room was engaged and full of laughter for the entire session."

Melody Lundstrom




Brand Marketing Specialist

Andrew is a Stellar Guest Speaker!

"Andrew is a stellar guest speaker! His positive energy fills the room. Watching our team listen and respond to his session is a joy to behold. In addition, Andrew is so incredibly flexible and adaptable. It is a pleasure to work with someone who rolls with every event's zig and zag."

Lori Grego


The Bozzuto Group


Assistant Vice President, Learning & Leadership

Andrew Davis Stake Your Claim

Conquering Competition, Budget Hurdles, and Evolving Trends

Destination marketers rock the travel world, but it's not all smooth sailing. The fierce competition demands creativity that pops. Tight budgets? No worries, clever investments save the day. And hey, travelers' tastes change like the wind, but we've got the secret sauce to adapt and thrive. Let's tackle these challenges head-on and shine in the industry!

It's time we Stake our Claim with the Laws of Attraction.

Andrew Davis's Audience Laughting

Audiences Love the Amazing Stories

Get ready to experience the incredible impact of storytelling in solving today's travel concerns. Uncover the awe-inspiring tales of hidden gems and underdog destinations that achieved mind-blowing success.

By harnessing the power of captivating narratives, we can fuel audience enthusiasm, ignite wanderlust, and conquer the competition. Let's unleash the magic of stories and take our destinations to new heights.

Andrew Davis being interviewed

Three Years of Adventure & a Recipe for Success

For three thrilling years, I criss-crossed the United States, on a quest to uncover the secret behind successful cities and towns.

It turns out, they all follow the three laws of attraction. This wild research journey led to my game-changing book, Town INC., packed with the ultimate recipe for success.

Let's unlock the magic together!

Town INC.

Grow Your Business. Save Your Town. Leave Your Legacy.

Learn More

Discover Your Destination's Marketing Potential

Uncover the Laws of Attraction and Propel Your Success


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Standout Moment of the Conference!

"Andrew's presentation on 'The Loyalty Loop' was exceptional! His engaging and humorous delivery, combined with profoundly relevant insights, left a lasting impact. It was a standout moment of our conference."

Judy Moreland

SVP/Director of Client Support & Training

It was like the clouds parted!

"Prior to Andrew's presentation, I spent most meetings asking, ""why is this taking so long?"" and ""why this way?!"" Then I attended Andrew's Cube of Creativity presentation, and holy crap! The clouds parted, and I heard angels singing. Andrew's keynote was immediately helpful, engaging, easy to grasp and applicable to different people with different functions and responsibilities. Thank you!"

Jen Brock

Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications

Andrew Davis is the Real Deal!

"I haven’t talked to a person yet that didn’t love Andrew's presentation. He was a big hit, as expected! We especially appreciate all of the time he spent with our attendees. Andrew Davis is the real deal!"

Kelley Shannon

SVP, Marketing and Customer Engagement

Our audience was riveted...

"With his Cube of Creativity keynote, Andrew managed to combine MBA level insights, Broadway quality theatrics, and current day business issues into a thought-provoking, entertaining presentation. Our audience was riveted and his content was stuff of legends by the end of the conference. I've seen impressive keynote ratings before, but our discerning audience's reviews of Andrew were off the charts!"

Drew McLellan


"Andrew is a PHENOMENAL speaker!

"Andrew is a PHENOMENAL speaker! His session may honestly be the best I've ever attended. He keeps the audience engaged with the perfect blend of knowledge and showmanship. Even our backstage folks went out of their way to say how kind and professional he is."

Francesca McLin

Director of Content Strategy

Can’t wait to work with him again!

“Andrew’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious even for our audience of 100 CEOs. He ended the day with an excellent talk! Can’t wait to work with him again!”

Jim Schleckser


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