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The Soundtrack of Your Event - #Conex & Marca Chile - The 1% Event

1% event Sep 02, 2018

In third grade, my wife, Elizabeth, was the president of the Journey fan club. I know this because anytime the first few notes of "Don't Stop Believin'" emanate from the car radio speakers she reminds me.

So, when I returned from an event in...

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Embrace the Place - The 1% Event

1% event ballrooms venues Apr 18, 2018

It goes something like this.

Travel to a spectacular, exotic place.
Check in to the hotel room. Wander around enjoying the beauty and splendor of a new or unusual place and the magnificent weather.
Then spend three days locked in a generic ballroom...

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The Mystery Mixer and the Power of Building Suspense at an Event

1% event event attendance Feb 21, 2018

For the next four week's we're exploring the power of building suspense around the events you produce.

This week's 1% event is all about the Mystery Mixer and the amazing impact it had on optional event attendance for an evening social event!


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