How to make your business stand out!

loyalty loop Jan 04, 2019

This episode of the Loyalty Loop is from a cemetery somewhere in Pennsylvania. This is where big, awesome, audacious marketing ideas go to die.

Last week on the Loyalty Loop, I invited you to ponder this: What is your client or customer's biggest post-purchase concern?  

That means that after they've bought from you or committed to your product or service, what are they worried about most?

The answer to this question is going to help you pitch big, audacious ideas that get buy-in from executives, and that's where I uncover in this video.

When you pitch an idea that might affect your company's ability to acquire customers, you're more likely to get shot down. However, when you pitch an idea that is meant to change the experience for an existing customer, an already-acquired customer, you'll have a much higher likelihood of actually getting it implemented.

What does this mean? This means if you focus on the moment of commitment in your loyalty loop, that could be a...

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Why we look and sound like our competition!

loyalty loop Oct 14, 2018

No sales executive, marketer, CEO, or entrepreneur sets out to sound the same as their competition. It’s quite the opposite.

We slave over our unique value proposition.

We massage every word in our unique selling statements.

We conduct competitive analyses and ensure the explanation of our benefits, features, and functions distinguish our products or services from everyone else.

So, why is it that while you’re consciously working to sound different, you’re looking more and more like your competition?

#Twinning. Yes, Twinning: the accidental dressing or looking like your spouse, friends, family, or significant other.

George Clooney started mimicking Amal Alamuddin’s style early in their relationship.

David Beckham wore more and more black leather as he courted former Spice Girl, Victoria Adams.

Brad Pitt even bleached his hair blonde and sported bangs that matched his girlfriend’s, Gwyneth Paltrow.


Relationship experts call this phenomenon...

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How to Transform What You Market

loyalty loop Sep 21, 2018

What do you really sell? Do you really sell a product or a service? I have to be honest, I don't think you do. 

We're going to dive deeper into what you actually sell by taking a three hour road trip and explore what karaoke, a Harvard study and Uber all have in common to help us answer this question. What do you really sell?  

Commodity versus experience

We know, from previous episodes of The Loyalty Loop that experiences are much more satisfying than buying things. Which is why, you don't sell a product or a service, that's a commodity.

What you actually sell is an experience. So let's think about the experience you offer. 

Meet Ray Lamay

I actually learned something on Instagram that would help make my drive go a little faster and I learned it from a guy named Ray Lamay – an Uber driver. 

That's right, he just drives an Uber. That's his part time gig, his full time gig, the gig he wants to do is be an actor and a professional MC for events. 


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The Soundtrack of Your Event - #Conex & Marca Chile - The 1% Event

1% event Sep 02, 2018

In third grade, my wife, Elizabeth, was the president of the Journey fan club. I know this because anytime the first few notes of "Don't Stop Believin'" emanate from the car radio speakers she reminds me.

So, when I returned from an event in Toronto two weeks ago to tell my wife that Journey's hit song entranced an audience for forty-minutes, she was thrilled.

You read that right - 40 minutes!

How? Well, what the team at #Conex did might shock most event producers, but it blew away the audience of 700.

So, this week, I'm talking about two 1% Events that used music to heighten the emotion at their events 5000 miles apart.

What's the soundtrack for your event?

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What makes YOU Different?

loyalty loop Sep 02, 2018

It's the end of winter here in the southern hemisphere. The whipped peaks of the Andes are white, and it's still cold enough to need a down coat in the shade.

I'm so sorry I haven't written in a few weeks, but I've been hibernating in my office like a Patagonian Puma working on my keynote speech for the most significant marketing event of the year (which starts on Tuesday.)

I haven't forgotten about you, my Loyalty Loop friends. In the last six weeks, I've been asking business people all over the world one question: "what makes you, your company, your products, or your services different?"

And the answers are disappointing. Why?

Well, I'm going to need a map, some Chilean laundry detergent, un poquito de español and a winter coat to try tackle the answer.

Recently I talked about the marketer's curse, the curse that you're too close to the industry to actually differentiate yourself.

You get sucked in to all the industry messaging instead of worrying about your customers and...

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Unsolicited Advice: To the Zero-Second-Pop-Up People...

un:solicited advice Aug 09, 2018

You didn’t ask for it, but we’re dishing it out anyway.

Welcome, to Unsolicited Advice, where every week I dish out some marketing guidance to one unsuspecting target - whether they wanted it or not.

This week, I'm looking at you... 0-second pop-up people!

Dear Zero-Second-Pop-Up-People,

I just got here. So no. I don't want to subscribe. (And FYI, I can't find the button to close your annoying pop-up.) So I'm leaving.

That tweet you composed was compelling enough to click. The headline looked good, and I am interested in reading your stuff. But why would I commit to getting your "weekly round-up" email before I've even consumed your content?

Maybe you should give me a chance to see that compelling article your pop-up is hiding? The truth is you have to earn my trust to get my email address. Instead of building my confidence, your annoying pop-up is instantly undermining it.

Imagine if you walked into my office and before you have an opportunity to shake my...

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The one brand few marketers are talking about, but should - The Loyalty Loop - Drew Davis

loyalty loop Jun 28, 2018

This week, we're diving into this mega-brand's amazing marketing strategy centered around one person, and his unparalleled ability of connecting with his customers. He has set a weekly appointment with millions of people. Who is he? Find out how he did it on the #LoyaltyLoop!

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What's in the box? The power of anticipation in the customer experience!

loyalty loop Jun 15, 2018

The businesses that market in the place they do business, more than the business they do, were really, really successful. Not just the place, but the businesses themselves. It is June 14th.

Now, dates are very important in this episode of The Loyalty Loop. Because we're going to explore the power of anticipation...

The businesses that market in the place they do business, more than the business they do, were really, really successful. Not just the place, but the businesses themselves. It is June 14th.

Now, dates are very important in this episode of The Loyalty Loop. Because we're going to explore the power of anticipation. Your ability to build suspense. And we're going to do it with a box.

The mystery box

I'm going to tell you what I've been up to in the last 10 days…

It all started before I left for Houston. In fact, it all started before I left for Lambertville, New Jersey. For weeks, I've actually been doing research into mystery boxes.

Now if you're not familiar...

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What happened to Jas? | Text messages & the consumer experience

loyalty loop Jun 08, 2018

I travel a lot and I stay at a lot of hotels. I'm on the road about 125 or 150 days a year – that's 150 hotel nights so I know a lot about hotels.

I want to share with you a couple of text messages I got on my phone from one particular hotel, and explain what these text messages have to do with the consumer experience.

My experience in Toronto

I had checked in to the Toronto Hilton Airport Hotel for an event which I was speaking at. Shortly after I checked in, I got a text message from Viki welcoming me to the hotel – Viki was the woman who checked me in so I thought this was a nice customer experience.

The next morning, I got a text message from someone else at the hotel: “Just checking in. How is your stay going so far? Feel free to reply back with a one through 10, 10 being excellent. Have a great day, Jas.”

I responded with the following: “Maybe a six?” By the way it does have the question mark. Maybe a six? And here's what Jas says:...

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