What makes us (and our customers) buy? | Moments of inspiration

loyalty loop Jun 12, 2019

What inspires us to buy?

Well, in last week’s episode of The Loyalty Loop, we talked about moments of inspiration.

There are actually three types of moments of inspiration, three big categories that send people on a journey they never expected to buy something they didn't even know they needed.

If you want R.O.I. you need to understand the M.O.I’s (Moments of Inspiration!) So, let’s break down those three types of moments of inspiration and look at how to take advantage of them to build a better brand, design a better consumer experience and differentiate you from your competition.

What are Moments of Inspiration?

Let’s refresh… Moments of Inspiration are instants in time that send you on a journey you never expected.

So let's break down the three different types of Moments of Inspiration.

Brand Induced M.O.I’s

In the very first video I ever shot for The Loyalty Loop I talk about my journey to buy a brand new car. This video is the perfect...

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The NEW funnel | The consumer journey reinvented

loyalty loop Jun 05, 2019

In this recent blog, What is a marketing funnel and why don't they work, I railed against the marketing and sales funnel.

It's antiquated, it's old, it doesn't work, and a bunch of you, my loyal fans and followers and friends, asked me a ton of questions.

But the most-asked question about that video was hey, Drew, if the funnel is broken and it doesn't work anymore, what is the new model?

What is the new model?

I've spent three years trying to answer this question, and I’ve finally got an answer for you.

It's a series of interlocking loops. Whereas the marketing funnel is one way and doesn't rely wholly on you raising awareness for your brand to fill the funnel or generate leads or get more sales, what we have here is a series of interlocking loops that reflects today's consumer journey.

You can start anywhere on this Loyalty Loop but right now, we're going to start at ‘the moment of inspiration’.

The moment of inspiration

A moment of inspiration is an instant in...

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The Difference Between Customer Service & Customer Experience

loyalty loop May 15, 2019

What's the difference between customer service and customer experience?

Whilst the answer is pretty simple, let's break it down so we truly understand where the nuances lie.

I filmed this episode of the #LoyaltyLoop from my garage. Why? Because we need a new garage door, and I used my search for a new garage door to break down the difference between customer service and customer experience.

The customer experience in action

A few years ago, we traded in the winter storms of Boston for the hurricanes in South Florida, and as a result we need a new garage door because the current garage door is not hurricane rated. On the back of the garage door is a sticker advertising a ‘Garage Door Tune Up’ priced at $39.95, by The Doorman.

I don’t call the sales and service phone number immediately – that's not how I buy. Instead I open my phone and search for The Doorman in Boca Raton. I click on their website and it looks pretty good.

I try to look at the page for...

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How to ask for reviews or testimonials

loyalty loop May 08, 2019

I recently came across an amazing example of how one company gets better customer testimonials and reviews more often from more people.

It's elegantly simple and it's genius.

I'm sure you've ordered something from a third party seller on Amazon, and usually after you make that order you get an email like this:

“Hi Andrew,

It's Sabrina from Cameta Camera, just checking in to make sure your order was delivered safely.

Could you help us out?

We do our best to provide outstanding customer service, and what you really think matters! If you could take a second and leave us a seller review, we would really appreciate it. We love hearing your thoughts, and genuine feedback really helps our store in this super-competitive marketplace. Thank you!”

I get tons of these and I never leave the reviews. I just don't have time and, to be honest, I don't really care.

But one company has inspired me to leave a glowing review.

How did they do it?

A great way to ask for testimonials or...

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How to get the best testimonials and reviews

loyalty loop May 01, 2019

Would you like more powerful reviews and testimonials from the people who use your products and services?

Often, there’s something missing from reviews and testimonials, and that’s emotion.

The reviews that are full of not just satisfaction but pure emotion, are the ones that really attract customers, and to get them we have to understand the ‘after party glow moment’.

The ‘after party glow moment’

To demonstrate the ‘after party glow moment’ I’m going to introduce you to Rent the Runway. Rent the Runway is a billion-dollar online service that provides designer gowns and dresses for special occasions like a weddings or rehearsal dinners.

Something incredible happens after their clients have worn the dresses and they have a genius way of soliciting reviews for the products they provide.

This is because Rent the Runway understand the second phase in the consumer momentum curve – the honeymoon phase.

The honeymoon phase...

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How to increase customer satisfaction and sales

loyalty loop Apr 24, 2019

In this video and blog, I showed you how reverse personalization can have a massive impact on your customer satisfaction and the business you do. And we did it by ordering a pizza from Domino's using their order tracker online.

We're going do the very same thing this week, but dive in a lot deeper so I can show you how the pizza tracker increases customer satisfaction and sales.

How can you increase customer satisfaction?

The key is to increase anticipation. If you want to know why increasing anticipation is the key to customer satisfaction success, watch this video right here – I go in depth into the psychology behind the power of anticipation.

The bottom line is that buying a product does not make us happy. Anticipating the product's arrival in our lives makes us happy and a pizza is no different.

The pizza itself will not make us any happier than we are right now, but anticipating its arrival in our lives will make us happier.

This means that to increase customer...

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What's missing from your marketing automation

unsolicited advice Apr 17, 2019

This month I'm dishing out some unsolicited advice to all the marketing automators of the world.

Automated email sequences

The problem with automated email sequences is that they feel like they've been written by a robot or cut and pasted from a template someone found on the internet.

If your customers, clients, prospects, or subscribers, can tell that you're using a marketing automation tool, you're missing the point of marketing automation.

I get it.

Automation tools eliminate repetitive marketing tasks and interactions. But...

What's missing?

However, so many of us, in an effort to reduce redundancies in our work, have removed the very thing that made these interpersonal communication tools – like email and chat – so effective in the first place: you!

The power of open ended questions

My most successful automation sequence starts with a straightforward email: "Hey Mark, I was just thinking about you this morning. How's it going? Drew" That's it.

It's simple, open...

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Marketing personalization | How to humanize your brand

loyalty loop Apr 10, 2019

When it comes to marketing, automation can mean everything from changing the first name of someone in an email template to using artificial intelligence to serve up customized personalized content to the next visitor to your website.

But here, I’m going to uncover the power of ‘reverse personalization’.

Reverse personalization

For most businesses, the idea of personalization goes beyond just the custom fields in your email templates. There's all sorts of machine learning and artificial intelligence and technology you can incorporate to personalize the experience for your customers, clients, or prospects.

But before you do any of that, I recommend you try reverse personalization.

Last week, I did some research into personalization and reverse personalization by ordering a pizza from Domino's, using the Domino's mobile app.

As soon as I’d ordered my pizza, that’s when the reverse personalization started. I was able to track my order and under the...

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What's missing from your customer journey | The magic question

loyalty loop Apr 03, 2019

We all know how important is to understand the customer journey people take to reach our organizations, our products or services.

The problem is, that even the best customer journey maps have a huge chunk missing. I’m going to address what that is and the magic question every single one of us can use to fill in that gap.

 What is a customer journey?

Well, a consumer journey is just a visualization of the process a consumer or prospect goes through to achieve a goal with your company.

Many people call them journey maps – you literally map the process so you can visualize it.

The big customer journey problem

57% of all B2B buyers know what brand they want to work with before you've even heard from them.

It's even worse for B-to-C customers… 72% of B2C customers know what brand they want to work with before you've even seen them on your website.

So what does that mean? It means that even the best consumer journey maps cover only the last 25% to 40% of the...

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10 Best Marketing Books for 2019

loyalty loop Mar 27, 2019

One thing I get asked a lot is, “Drew, you seem to read a lot. What marketing book would you recommend I read?”

So, I’m going to countdown the 10 best marketing books every marketer should read.

These marketing books aren't all brand new books. Sometimes the oldies are the goodies.

Number 10: The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell

This book came out in 2002 and is an unbelievably good book for any marketer to read.

If you want to know how influencer marketing works, understand the key to social media success and how viral hits actually happen, this book is a must read.

Number 9: Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact by Phil M. Jones

This book is not traditionally considered a marketing book but a sales book. I admit, it does sound like a sales book, and maybe it is meant for salespeople, but the very same magic words can be used by marketers to help make a sale – at the end of the day, every...

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