Uncovering and addressing your customers’ crucial concerns

loyalty loop Oct 23, 2019

You’ve done it! You’ve sealed the deal on a new car. But as you drive away from the car lot you pause. You start to wonder: did you actually get a good deal? Or did the car dealer just take you for a ride?

Next scenario... You’ve agreed to a 30-minute meeting with a vendor. You were happy enough to begin with but now you’re wondering if it was a good idea. They’re just gonna spend those 30 minutes trying to upsell you, right?

What does each of these scenarios have in common? They both highlight a micro moment that you — and all of your customers — go through any time you trade your money, data, or time for a product or service.

The crucial concern

This micro moment is called the crucial concern — and I’ve just experienced it myself.

Picture it: I’ve just had my morning coffee and I’m signing up for a free demo of some software. Of course there’s a form to fill in and I’m working my way through it. First...

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Your customer experience surveys are broken

loyalty loop Oct 16, 2019

I’m packing again! You know I travel a lot. And for the last few weeks, I’ve been going through every single airport looking for one special thing.

And guess what? I found it. Finally, in the Seattle airport.

I’m going to show you this amazing device that’s transformed consumer experiences. I’ll tell you how it’s changed the flying experience for 9.5 million passengers. And how we can replicate this to transform experiences, just by changing the way we ask people to tell us how we're doing. 

Everybody’s got survey fatigue

These days, everything you buy, whether it’s a plane ticket, car rental or something on Amazon. Whether you download an app, open an app, call customer service, sign up for something, treat your house for termites, donate to a cause, eat a taco or join a gym. No matter what it is, the next thing you know you’ll get a request to fill out a survey.

“Tell us how we did”

“Leave a...

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How to re-engage your cold leads

loyalty loop Oct 09, 2019

Over-thinking our email reach — it happens to the best of us, right?

Numbers-wise your email list is looking pretty healthy but as soon as you dig a bit deeper you find that it’s full of leads that have gone dark on you. So you freak out just a little and desperately try to re-engage those prospects.

Well, listen up, guys, there’s no need to panic.

I’ve been digging a bit deeper too and I’m going to show you how one particular company made a huge marketing mistake, and how it led to an amazing re-engagement of those clients, prospects, and leads that had fallen off the face of the earth.

Experiment time! 

My friends, I’ve been doing a little marketing experiment, just for you. I’ve spent the last three weeks interacting with B2B brands, executing small moments of commitment with them — I’ve signed up for newsletters, free trials, demos, and webinars. I’ve filled out contact forms and asked for pricing info.


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How to sell your big ideas: The Chuck Norris formula

loyalty loop Oct 07, 2019

How do you sell your ideas?

This week I’ve had two separate people, at two separate events ask me the same question: “I love this Loyalty Loop stuff but how do I convince my boss/my company/my CEO to invest in great experiences?”

It’s a great question because creating great experiences for customers does require investment — whether that’s time, resources, or cold hard cash. And if your boss is determined to prioritize acquiring new customers, persuading them to focus on providing great experiences is going to take a bit of work.

So let’s break it down Chuck Norris style.

The Chuck Norris formula

Now you might think folks would be too chicken to say no to kickass martial arts expert Chuck Norris, but back in the late 1970s, Chuck was trying — and failing — to sell a movie idea. For two years Chuck toured the Hollywood studios trying to get people to invest $1 million in making his action movie, “Good Guys wear...

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3 steps to create a great customer experience every time

loyalty loop Sep 25, 2019

So you want to provide great customer service… well, sure, there’s a handbook for that.

It’s full of dos and don’ts, ideas, and suggestions. It’s packed with things we should and shouldn’t do when we’re interacting with a customer or prospect. But is a long list of rules really the best way to learn how to be a better customer service representative or sales associate?

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we could break every customer service interaction or sales experience into 3 simple steps that any customer service rep can just repeat over and over again, to deliver a great experience?

Well, as luck would have it…

Before we go into our 3 steps, you’ll remember that there's a giant difference between customer service and a great customer experience. If you've forgotten what that was, or you didn't see the video, you can watch this video right here.

So now we’re working towards that one goal: to create a great...

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What do you want your customers to do next?

loyalty loop Sep 18, 2019

It’s mailbag time — oh yeah! One of the perks of traveling so much is that I have a ton of cool stuff to open up when I get back.

So today I’m going to go through some of the promotional boxes I’ve been sent and show you who’s doing direct mailing the right way, who’s thinking through their moments of inspiration and who’s getting those moments of commitment. And I’m going to give you a few ideas on how you can amp it right up to create better customer relationships.

Clue: there’s one super simple thing that almost everyone forgets to do…

Building excitement

So you’ve got some interesting things coming up, maybe an event, a book launch, whatever. And you need to start creating a buzz. How are you going to do it?

You’re going to send some stuff out to your mailing list, right?

That’s exactly what my friend, Michael Brenner has done. He has a new book (“Mean People Suck”) coming out October...

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How to delight customers with reverse personalization

loyalty loop Sep 11, 2019

Are your customers delighted with you? Hopefully! But there’s always room for improvement, right?

In this week’s Loyalty Loop I’m coming at you from right here in the middle of downtown Boston and we’re going to look at three super simple ways you can use reverse personalization to delight your customers.

I took the ferry to Boston this morning to spend the day with a non-profit working on their Loyalty Loop experiences and it got me thinking about how we take care of our customers.

How do we make sure that the folks that buy from us are so delighted that they become long-time clients, and rave about us to everyone they meet?

It all starts with the moment of commitment

If you've been following the Loyalty Loop every week, you know that a moment of commitment is the instant in time you trade money, data, or time to support a cause, buy a product or a service, or get some information you need. And after every moment of commitment, we can do a better job...

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How to Create a Consumer Journey Map (The Easy Way) | Part 2

loyalty loop Sep 04, 2019

This week we’re going to break down exactly how to interrupt the consumer journey and create the perfect Loyalty Loop experience. And we're gonna do it with the help of a slinky... Yup, a slinky.

Who remembers when we mapped an entire consumer journey the easy way on The Loyalty Loop? Well, we did it in the hopes that this guy would sign up for a software product called Proposify. (Missed that one? Catch up here!).

Unfortunately our guy ended up recommitting to a product he already owned called Canva instead of signing up for Proposify. Today’s job is to create a new kind of experience that will get him to make a commitment to Proposify instead.
So here’s what we know about our guy:

His MOI — moment of inspiration — is that his proposals don’t look that great. He needs something fancier.

His trigger question is “how can I make my Google Doc proposals look better?’ And his prime brand is Google. Easy! He’s in the active...

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What do your customers say when they refer you?

loyalty loop Aug 03, 2019

How do your current clients and customers refer you? What do they actually say when they're recommending that someone work with you? Do you know?

How do your current clients and customers refer you? What do they actually say when they're recommending that someone work with you? Do you know?

You see, when I told my friend Jay Baer that I was coming to Flagstaff, Arizona, here's exactly what he said to me, "Get the chilaquiles, Christmas style." Jay has just written a new book with Daniel Lemin and along with the book, he sent me a stuffed alpaca... yes, an alpaca.

Now this is a little weird until you start reading the book. You see the book is a deep dive into how and why word of mouth marketing actually works. It's a recipe for success. And I realize now that the recipe for success in that book leads to moments exactly like this one.

So, when I was in Flagstaff, I went to get some chilaquiles... I did't even need to look at...

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How to Create a Consumer Journey Map (The Easy Way) | Part 1

loyalty loop Jun 26, 2019

Journey mapping is complicated but in this video, we’re going to break down an actual consumer journey.

Imagine that I’m a marketing person from a company called Proposify – a company that helps you create awesome-looking, unbelievably effective proposals to send out to your clients.

We want to get a customer to sign up with Proposify but in order to do this, we need to understand the consumer journey.

In the video, we watch over the shoulder as this person (it’s actually me) tries to find exactly what they need....

It’s a Sunday morning, and, before everybody wakes up, I figured I'd do a little work. You see, we usually send out proposals as a small business using a Google Doc template that we turn into a PDF and then send to the client. But it's occurred to me that some of our competitors send out these really fancy-looking proposals, and I’d like to get a fancy-looking proposal.

The moment of Inspiration

This right here, is his moment of...

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