Don't Take Our Word For It

Just a few testimonials from thrilled event planners.

"Our Audience was Begging for More! Andrew was an ideal presenter for our recent webinar. At GetResponse we host webinars with industry thought leaders, and Andrew was a natural and obvious choice. His presentation and speaking style was natural, engaging, and entertaining. The webinar had the most attendees we’ve ever had. We’d love and hope to work with Andrew again."

Abby Hartz
Community Specialist / GetResponse

"Attendees love him! I knew as soon as I saw Andrew online that I wanted him to speak at the Dscoop event. I loved the energy, the content, the excitement, and the glasses! On the day Andrew exceeded my expectations. You could have heard a pin drop in the auditorium. The attendees loved him, definitely one of the highlights of our event!"

Julian Marsh
Conference Chair / DSCOOP

"I can’t say enough about how great it is to work with Andrew. Super interesting content + unique presentation format + engaging speaker—the trifecta for a fantastic seminar! Andrew is just one of those speakers you love to listen to. His presentations are always bursting with high-energy and packed with unique ideas and real-life examples that will leave your audience inspired."

Allison Dowd
Instructional Designer / MarketingProfs

Amazing high energy and enthusiasm!

“We recently had Andrew Davis speak at our annual Strategic Marketing Conference. Not only was he well received by the audience he was easy to work with, personable and spent extra time listening to the other speakers and interacting with the delegates. His high energy and enthusiasm were amazing. You won’t be disappointed when hiring Andrew for your next event.”

Rachel Cleland, CMP
Global Project Manager
Marketing Association for Credit Unions (MACU)

Ratings off the charts!

“We held a convention to bring together 150 of our most important clients. Expectations were high as the attendees made a considerable investment of time and money to attend the 3-day convention. Feedback was off the charts for the keynote speaker, Andrew Davis! I had several companies approach me to explain that the price of admission was worth it, even if Andrew was the only business resource there! His personal, professional, specifically tailored message to our clients was spot on. Bravo, Mr. Davis!”

Matt Casey
Program Manager / Bona

Mind Altering…

Andrew Davis delivered what was by far the best one hour Keynote that our audience has ever seen. Full of energy, entertainment and mind altering knowledge helped set the stage to a really successful conference.

John Siracusa
Founder / Creator
#BankSocial Conference

"Attendee ratings and reviews were off the charts!!"

Matt Casey
Program Manager
BONA Brands

"The highest rated speaker we've EVER had. So, we invited him back."

John Lenser
Cohere One

“Andrew blew the barn doors off our venue (and there were actual barn doors!)"

Beth Blake
Reed Exhibitions

In almost every meeting we have, someone reference’s Drew’s talk…

“I had the pleasure of seeing Drew speak at a conference in 2010. His presentation made such an impression on me that when I was tasked with finding a speaker for our annual sales and marketing summit, I did not hesitate to contact him. Our organization–and industry as a whole–is facing new competitors daily and we need to work hard to differentiate ourselves to retain our customers and grow business. We needed someone to energize and motivate our team to think differently about how we go to market, and Drew’s talk on the Loyalty Loop absolutely fit the bill. Now, in almost every meeting we have, someone reference’s Drew’s talk and we are challenging each other in more meaningful ways to show how we are different.”

Dorit Baxter Manager
Product and Customer Strategy
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Insightful, energetic, entertaining & thought-provoking…

“Andrew Davis is an insightful, energetic and entertaining speaker with thought-provoking ideas who did a terrific job of kicking off our AppForum 2015 conference. I highly recommend considering what he has to say and to inviting him to speak at your event. He kept the audience riveted for a full hour. It was impressive.”

Greg Cholmondeley
Director, Workflow Practice
Caslon and PODi

Wow! What an amazing Keynote!

“Wow. That’s all I can say is Wow! What an amazing Keynote! Andrew’s energy and enthusiasm during his presentation kept the audience engaged and looking for more. We had so many members say they were up late that night writing down thoughts about how they could implement Andrew’s ideas on how to grow their business and set themselves apart. Andrew was the perfect Keynote Speaker to kick off our event! He made a huge impact on this group and made the 2015 BCC Convention a huge success!”

Ilene LeBlanc
Marketing Manager / BONA US

Infectious Energy and Gung-Ho Presentation

"Thanks Andrew, not only were you super gung-ho leading up to today by working with us to shape a session for the small, bespoke group of cross-sector entrepreneurs, you delivered a bang-on presentation. You followed this with a great assignment, excellently targeted to get the participants working in exactly the space we intended – interacting with one-another and exploring their content and business. There was a point during the assignment where the buzz of engaged conversation in the room was almost deafening. Thanks for bringing so much of yourself and your infectious energy to our somewhat organic process, from the prep to individually greeting the early-comers, the presentation itself, visiting each table during the assignment and talking with people afterwards."

Matt Hilliard-Forde
Programs Consultant
Ontario Media Development Corporation

Best Combination of New Thinking and Entertainment!

“Book him! I’ve been running conferences for years and Andrew Davis is the best combination of new thinking and entertainment I’ve had in a Keynote Speaker yet. Everyone at the conference raved about his presentation. Drew delivers real value!”

Janice Waugh
Solo Traveler and Full Flight Press

Energetic, Passionate, Expert

“Drew is always a very energetic speaker, who combines passion and expertise on the subject matter. He was able to keep the audience interested and focus on the activity at hand for more than 80 minutes! And he did it as a bonus from his Speaking engagement with me!! His presentation was original, inspiring and well crafted for the audience. I just love working with him.”

Monica Mistretta
CEO Netmedia / CIO Magazine

Ah-ha moments across the board…

"Andrew’s participation in our conference events this year really delivered an unforgettable experience for me. Once I learned that Andrew would be delivering our keynote, I looked forward to our conference for purely selfish reasons. My new role as Marketing Content Coordinator was accompanied by lots of questions – so the personal benefit of Andrew’s participation can’t be understated. He delivered – totally. He was dynamic and had a contagious enthusiasm that delivered ah-ha moments across the board; everyone walked away with something. Also, Andrew was gracious enough to answer questions and provide feedback – even after the conference."

Kelly Browne
Marketing Content Coordinator

Completely Captivated!

“Andrew Davis is without a doubt the most dynamic, entertaining, and engaging presenter I have ever had the pleasure to watch. From the moment he took the stage, his audience of 2500 was completely captivated. Best of all, he delivered valuable, important insights and ideas.”

Jennifer Lehner
Posner Lehner Group LLC

Electrifying the audience!

“Andrew Davis again gave a WOW performance at our annual client summit electrifying the audience with his insights on consumer behavior and marketing opportunities. The sheer energy that he displays and his excellent use of Presi to visually communicate his thoughts keeps everyone on the edge of their seats. This was Andrew’s second appearance our Summit, having been invited back because he received the highest rating by attendees of any speaker we have ever had. He did not disappoint!"

John Lenser

Engaging, informative, smart, and FUN…

“Andrew Davis is an engaging, informative, smart, and FUN speaker! Our annual conference has over 700 Ecommerce and Digital Marketing professionals. Each year it is a challenge to find a speaker that will teach our attendees something they do not know while keeping them inspired. Andrew Davis did just that. It is evident he truly cares about doing a great job and has a passion for what he does. He was a key component to the success of our event.”

Sara Gorlick
Rakuten Marketing

Absolutely Hit The Mark

“We needed a speaker to help connect the dots between the use of social media and it’s impact on the bottom line and brand awareness. A professional colleague, who’d seen Andrew speak before, recommended we use him to close out the second day of our event. Andrew’s customized presentation, high energy, and smart insight absolutely hit the mark. In fact, his message resonated so much with our attendees that they talked about his presentation throughout the evening and during the next day of our event.”

Kay Segal
Winsight Media

Challenged and Inspired

“The Bonnier Men’s Group first heard of Andrew Davis when our Chief Marketing Officer and Publisher saw him speak at the MPA Conference. They thought his knowledge of niche marketing would fit our group’s needs perfectly. Needless to say, they were right. The Bonnier Men’s group was challenged and inspired by Andrew Davis’ lecture. Attendees actually said that he energized them to go back to the office and start reworking their marketing, sales and presentation strategies based on his insights and recommendations. When one of the Publishers asked Andrew for his handwritten critiques, we knew that Andrew had struck a nerve that will change the Bonnier Men’s Group for the better.”

Laura Nealon
Promotion & Events Director
Bonnier Men's Group

One of the very best speakers we’ve ever had…

“If this isn’t a great indication of how good a speaker Drew Davis is – I don’t know what is. We hired Drew to teach a couple of sessions for our Niche Digital Conference and his evaluations were so high that we hired him to be the keynote speaker for our upcoming Niche Magazine Conference. Drew is one of the very best speakers we’ve ever had in the ten year history of Niche Media.”

Carl Landau
Grand Poobah
Niche Media

Just Do It!

“If you’re considering hiring Drew to present or lead a workshop for your company or organization, or to provide marketing/branding consulting services, don’t even think twice. Just do it!”

Russell Sparkman
Fusionspark Media

Drew blew the barn doors off our venue…

“Andrew blew the barn doors off our venue (and there were actual barn doors at this venue!).

His outstanding presentation was engaging and thought-provoking (of course) but he nailed the digital content beautifully! I would recommend him to any group who wants to inspire and entertain their troops!”

Beth Blake
Reed Exhibitions

An amazing success…

“We invited Drew to speak at our National Sales Conference this year and he was an amazing success! Over the course of his ninety-minute presentation he entertained us, expanded our thinking and challenged the entire team to find new opportunities in the digital world. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to open our two-day event.”

Jennifer Bergin
Vice President Marketing
Brown Printing Company

Opened our eyes!

“Drew spoke at last year’s Partner Summit for CDS Global and he was incredible. His presentation was such a success we invited him to participate in a much smaller leadership event this year. Andrew always challenges our thinking and helps open our eyes to new opportunities that provide more than just food for thought, but actual revenue and growth potential that we and our partner clients can use. Drew always engages the audience in a fun and entertaining way.”

Eileen White
Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications
CDS Global

One of the best speakers I’ve ever hired…

“Andrew Davis is one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen or hired. He has an extremely energetic and creative style and tailored his presentation to our company in an excellent way. I would recommend him for company meetings, conferences or any gathering of business professionals.”

Courtney Muller
Reed Exhibitions

Highly energetic… I can’t say enough…

“I can’t say enough about Drew’s presentation to MATSO (Major American Trade Show Organizers) group during the International VISION Show last week in NYC. No droopy eyes or sleepy heads during THIS presentation — highly energetic, expert in his field and kept people fully engaged throughout. Absolutely the best — Thanks Drew!”

Meg Ellacott
Executive Director
National Association of Trade Show Organizers

Shook our foundations…

“Drew took the time to understand our core business, our unique expertise and value proposition, and organized an amazing, energetic, entertaining presentation that shook our foundations. He truly made us stop dead in our tracks and assess our business. We came away with some valuable, concrete ideas to work with and some long-held beliefs tipped over. Drew is not just a speaker; he’s an experience.”

Brenda Larson
Carolina Parent

Fasten your seatbelt…

“Put down your iPhone … fasten your seatbelt and make sure you are well caffeinated to experience the passion, energy and strategic insights … Andrew Davis is a cross between Joseph Campbell, Seth Godin and Charlie Rose and knows how to deliver presentations & conversations that matter. He delivers stories that move.”

Robert Collins
Social Media Breakfast & Inbound Marketing Summit

Fired up the group... and they loved it!

“We needed an energetic kickoff speaker to fire up our dealers at our annual awards conference. Drew did that and more! He researched our industry and market and really customized the presentation for our audience. Andrew’s out of the box thinking and ideas fired up the group for a very productive day. In short, they loved it!”

Dave Wilson
Director of Marketing

Left the audience wanting more…

“Andrew spoke at the 36th Annual CRMA conference in Las Vegas this past week-end. His high-energy presentation kept the room on the edge of their seats, waiting for more high power explosions. His thought provoking ideas left the attendees wanting more!”

Dede Dierkes
Circulation Manager
St. Louis Magazine
CRMA Audience Development Chair

Attendees wanted more…

“After a colleague saw Andrew speak at Content Marketing World 2013 we invited him to deliver the morning Keynote at Interact14. Andrew knocked it out of the park. A quick review of the evaluations reveals the audience’s enthusiasm for Andrew’s session. Attendees used words like “inspiring” , “experience”, “fun”, “relatable” and “engaging”. More then 95% of the evaluations reported 5s (on a 1-5 scale) on overall session, speaker, and depth of topic. The examples and ideas he brought to Interact14 left people scrambling to keep up in their note taking and excited to share their findings to coworkers. After his keynote, Andrew’s breakout session was standing room only… attendees wanted more Andrew Davis.”

Laura Jackson
PR + Content Specialist
Upward Brand Interactions

An amazing presenter!

Andrew was a breeze to work with! He responded quickly to our initial request and really took the time to listen to what our group was about. He molded a fantastic, high energy and educational presentation that everyone raved about. He is by far an amazing presenter! We really couldn’t have found a speaker that fit our theme any better!

Jacquie Francisco
Certified Brand Strategist
The Brand Establishment

A Truly Memorable Experience

Andrew Davis developed a presentation that was tailored for our industry and demonstrated new ways to look at how we are marketing our shopping centers to our target audiences. He was involved early and often in our event planning committee calls, which resulted in one of our best blockbuster presentations to date. Andrew delivered a truly memorable experience for all of our attendees.

Tim O'Connell
AVP, Director of Digital Marketing

His enthusiasm is infectious

Andrew Davis speaks of “moments of inspiration” and that is exactly what he delivers! IBM invited Andrew Davis to speak at its Digital Marketing Academy and his energetic and passionate presentation on content marketing inspired our marketing professionals to embrace the real value and potential of content marketing. His enthusiasm is infectious and our participants invoked his ideas for the remainder of the program –they have been completely inspired and can’t wait to put his ideas into practice! I highly recommend inviting Andrew to speak, just be prepared to change up your marketing game while having fun at the same time!

Nancy Dunn
Marketing Consultant

Brought tremendous energy to the room

"Thank you for your captivating presentation at our annual CEO event. Each year we invite a high profile speaker to address key business issues with our client CEO’s and C-suite executives and you really made an impression! I had countless clients approach me, raving about your presentation and targeted, thought-provoking message. Many of them couldn’t wait to take the ideas back to the office and get started. You brought tremendous energy to the room, keeping over 100 executives engaged, while challenging the entire group to contemplate how we can brand our businesses in a more innovative and profitable way.

I am happy to serve as a reference to anyone considering inviting you to speak at their next event. It is one of the best time investments a business owner could make!"

Bruce Leon
Tandem HR

Andrew Davis is a unicorn in the world of speaking

"Andrew Davis is a unicorn in the world of speaking – that rare specimen that delivers both show AND substance – a bundle of energy that invigorates AND educates everyone in the audience. From the pre-conference planning through to his execution on stage, Andrew is a consummate professional who is also fun to be around. He simply makes those around him better and we are grateful for having had the opportunity to work with him at Brand ManageCamp 2016. We won’t hesitate to work with him again – and neither should you."

Len Herstein
CEO & President
ManageCamp Inc.

Truly captivating! The Highlight of the Day!

Andrew Davis is a truly captivating speaker. He combines wit, humor, ingenuity, fire and passion with data, technology, and marketing. He has the ability to connect some of the most random dots together in a way that keeps the audience on the edge of their seat until a burst of laughter rolls through the crowd. Andrew also is personable and connects with the audience on and off the stage. We repeatedly hear that Andrew is the “highlight” of the day!

Frannie Danzinger
Head of Market Development

Energized and inspiring...

“Andrew’s keynote on the digital world was one of the most energized and inspiring that I’ve seen. And on top of that he is a genuinely great guy and made sure to tailor the message to our audience.”

Meagan Alexander
Member Education & Special Events Manager
Do it Best Corp


Does not disappoint...

We welcomed Andrew to Kingston, Ontario to speak to a capacity crowd of nearly 150 business leaders and small business owners. While there’s no doubt that Andrew is energetic, charismatic, approachable and funny… he’s also incredibly knowledgeable, experienced and professional. He truly made an effort to get to know our city and carefully craft his presentation to appeal to our audience. Our attendees left feeling inspired.  Andrew does not disappoint. 

Ella Vanderburgt
Business Development Officer
Kingston Economic Development Corporation

Our audience loved him!

“Funny, engaging and best of all, a GREAT message. Our audience loved him!”

John White

High energy, engaging and a powerful message delivered with humor...

“Andrew exceeded all our best expectations. High energy, engaging and a powerful message delivered with humor. Our audience loved him!”

Manuela Botelho
Executive Director
Portuguese Association of Advertisers (APAN)

Most entertaining, insightful and magical keynote speakers...

"One of the most entertaining, insightful and magical keynote speakers on the planet. Period."

Byron White
Chair Content Marketing Conference & CEO

...The attendees actually left with actionable insights!

"I’m not sure if it was the bow tie? The wit? The charm? But truly - Andrew had our audience at hello. The best part about his entertaining talk was that the attendees actually left with actionable insights! How (unfortunately) rare is that?"

Lynn Ingham

When Andrew's on the agenda he's all the way in....

"Andrew did a stellar job at the MITX Data Summit. His amazing thought-leadership, real-life examples, and wonderfully relevant content left our audience inspired and excited.
Andrew's energetic, professional style was awesome. Not only did Andrew attend the entire day, but he was helpful to me and the entire staff. When Andrew's on the agenda he's all the way in. I couldn’t ask for anything more!"

Katharine Panessidi
VP, Content & Events

Virginia’s Blue Ridge now has a claim to fame thanks to Andrew’s guidance.

"Incredibly entertaining! A branding expert! Virginia’s Blue Ridge now has a claim to fame thanks to Andrew’s guidance."

Landon Howard
Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge

The presentation rocked our audience!

“ His message is bang on… his energy is contagious… The presentation rocked our audience!.… GREAT speaker!”

Jacques Lecavalier
Executive Director
Mega Group


"As our keynote speaker, Andrew started out with high energy, delivered a great message, and kept our audience totally engaged. BEST. ANNUAL. MEETING. EVER!!"

W. Lee Wilhelm, III
Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge

...He left behind what only the best speakers can: The energy and actionable tactics to make our community better.

"We laughed. We were engaged. Best of all, he left behind what only the best speakers can: The energy and actionable tactics to make our community better. Just know that if Andrew Davis hasn’t come to your town yet, your city is already falling behind."

D.C. Reeves,
Chief of Staff for Quint Studer

Andrew was the 'secret sauce' that made our conference successful.

"Full of laughs and full of energy, and a spot-on message. Andrew was the 'secret sauce' that made our conference successful"

Mike Hawkins,
Board of Commissioners
Transylvania County

Propulsive energy, piercing insight and pitch-perfect humor, all expertly tailored to our group of tourism marketers and hospitality professionals.

"Andrew’s bio tells you he worked with The Muppets, but it doesn’t tell you which Muppet traits he brings to the stage. Namely: the fastidious earnestness of Scooter, the infectious likeability of Kermit and the force majeure of Miss Piggy. The man is so good at what he does. He spoke on the final morning of our conference, after our attendees had endured two full days of general sessions, workshops, luncheons and the previous night’s awards gala; but three minutes after he bounded onto the stage he had the audience in the palm of his hand. His presentation was a panorama of propulsive energy, piercing insight and pitch-perfect humor, all expertly tailored to our group of tourism marketers and hospitality professionals. At a moment when the word 'storyteller' is carelessly overused, Andrew is the real deal, a speaker who can artfully unfurl a tale that leaves his listeners not only rapt but on the precipice of action."

Scott Dunn
Sr. Director of Content and Communications
Arizona Office of Tourism

Excitement, positivity, and unique approach provided our attendees with an entirely new point of view.

"What a fantastic addition to our conference lineup! Andrew’s excitement, positivity, and unique approach provided our attendees with an entirely new point of view."

Jennifer W Harknes 
VP, Finance & Administration
Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina

He did his homework on our industry which really impressed our audience.

“His energy is contagious and he did his homework on our industry which really impressed our audience. He was fantastic and our attendees absolutely loved him.”

Melissa Weber
Professional Development Manager
Promotional Products Association International

Entertaining, engaging and insightful.

"Entertaining, engaging and insightful. Andrew is the complete package."

Danielle Frizzi-Babb
Communications Director,
Ohio Lottery

Andrew cuts to the essence of brilliant and relevant marketing insight in an authentic, fun, and engaging way

"Andrew cuts to the essence of brilliant and relevant marketing insight in an authentic, fun, and engaging way that allows the audience to absorb game changing information in unforgettable organic fashion!"

Adam Japko
CEO, Esteem Media's
Multifamily Social Media Summit

We'll be recommending Andrew for sure!

"What an amazing performance! Inspiring, energetic and professional! Our audience loved it. We'll be recommending Andrew for sure!"

Maciej Ziąbrowski
Ad Strategy & Product Research Director
TVN Media

The feedback from Andrew's session is outstanding!

"The feedback from Andrew's session is outstanding! The pre-conference promotion video, the tailored program and the closing video all made our event experience unlike any other we have had."

Loren Colburn
Executive Director
Association of Free Community Publications

We loved having Andrew kick off the show and doing the Ask-Me-Anything Stage

"Incredibly high-energy keynote! Equal parts entertaining and informative. We loved having Andrew kick off the show and doing the Ask-Me-Anything Stage too. We hope to have him back in the future!"

Laura Snitkovskiy
Director of Marketing
The Social Shake-up

He truly is changing the world one mystery box at a time

"Andrew woke up the crowd with high energy and powerful message. He truly is changing the world one mystery box at a time."

Jeff Ray

It was the perfect capstone!

"Thank you for an INCREDIBLE closing key note at our global marketing summit! It was the PERFECT capstone!"

Portia Mount
Vice President and Global Leader,
Strategic Marketing
Ingersoll Rand

We got so many comments and compliments about Andrew's high energy, amazing content, and inspiring session.

"Our attendees LOVED Andrew's sessions! We got so many comments and compliments about Andrew's high energy, amazing content, and inspiring session. What a great way to kick-off our event!"

Julie Dunn
Conference Planner
JBD Events - MAC 2019

Andrew's keynote thrilled and challenged me.

"Andrew's keynote thrilled and challenged me. In fact, I ended up thinking about it, applying it to my own situation, and made a list of changes I'm ready to make in our website and service department! His talk is changing my business."

Sue Riffel
AppCatalyst & Self Care Decisions

The one Andrew facilitated for our group was, without question, the best.

“I have participated in more brainstorming/SWOT/strategic planning sessions than I can count, including those I've led. The one Andrew facilitated for our group was, without question, the best. He has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of an issue, make you identify serious problems, and figure out how to solve them in one breath! Andrew left us with a new way to think about our work and a shared language to talk about it as a team."

Susan Peillet Yule, Ed.M.
President & CEO
Career Collaborative
Boston, MA

He was energetic and entertaining...

"Our group LOVED Andrew! He was energetic and entertaining and the message he shared was insightful and actionable."

Andrea Young
Marketing Manager
Wheeler CAT

He truly moved us forward as a community.

"Andrew is simply the right man for the job. Andrew's keynote was on point and everyone loved it! He truly moved us forward as a community."

Dave Santucci
Chief Marketing Officer
Chattanooga CVB

Our attendees are still raving about it.

"Fantastic Keynote and breakout session! Our attendees are still raving about it. (And, Andrew's such a joy to work with.)"

Colleen Reed
Director, Industry Events and Marketplaces
Travel Alberta

"Andrew was hands down one of the best speakers we have ever had. He is certainly entertaining keeping the audience engaged the entire time, but more importantly, the content he presents is extremely actionable. Andrew left my team of 300 managers with ideas that are being actively implemented throughout our organization today. I highly recommend Andrew to anyone looking for an outside speaker and I look forward to bringing him back to speak to my team again in the near future."

Ryan McGrath
President / Asset Plus Companies

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