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What do your customers say when they refer you?

How do your current clients and customers refer you? What do they actually say when they're recommending that someone work with you? Do you know?

How do your current clients and customers refer you? What do they actually say when they're recommending that someone work with you? Do you know?

You see, when I told my friend Jay Baer that I was coming to Flagstaff, Arizona, here's exactly what he said to me, "Get the chilaquiles, Christmas style." Jay has just written a new book with Daniel Lemin and along with the book, he sent me a stuffed alpaca... yes, an alpaca.

Now this is a little weird until you start reading the book. You see the book is a deep dive into how and why word of mouth marketing actually works. It's a recipe for success. And I realize now that the recipe for success in that book leads to moments exactly like this one.

So, when I was in Flagstaff, I went to get some chilaquiles... I did't even need to look at a menu!

What is a Talk Trigger?

A talk trigger is a built-in differentiator that creates conversation. And that is exactly why I went to MartAnne's Mexican Restaurant in Flagstaff, Arizona. Because Jay Baer told me I had to eat here and he was very specific about one thing, the chilaquiles.

On Yelp, MartAnne's has 1,300 reviews. And you know what comes up over and over and over again in those reviews? The chilaquiles. They say exactly what Jay Baer says.

Now this book is an amazing recipe to create talk triggers but one of the most amazing parts of this book is actually near the end for me, where they're prescribing how you actually create a talk trigger for yourself and the second thing they invite you to do is to get close to your customers.

They couldn't be more right about that one specific point, especially when it comes to The Loyalty Loop because maybe you're closer to your customers than you actually think.

What do your customers say about you?

What are your customers already saying about you, especially when they refer you? What exactly did they say? The whole point of creating a great Loyalty Loop experience is to use the customers you've got to get the customers you want. And you can do that by creating a great experience but if you don't know what they think is great about your experience and how they're referring you, you need to get closer to your customers.

Maybe you just need to understand what they're already saying about you and actually amplify that one thing. And also you should read Talk Triggers. If you're into The Loyalty Loop, Talk Triggers is exactly the kind of book that I think will transform your business. It does a great job of creating their own talk triggers too.

In fact in the back of the book, there's a place where you can actually pull out these little cards and give them to your friends. They say things like, "I want you to read this book." or "This book will be your secret weapon." "I love this book and you will too." These are talk triggers. These are the kinds of things that people say when they read a book like Talk Triggers.

Maybe you don't have online reviews that you can go through like MartAnne's does and find the talk triggers that your customers or clients might already be using,  and that's okay.

Call up one of your most loyal customers, somebody you know has referred you other business, and ask them to tell you what they told those other people. Have a conversation with your customers and clients to understand what they say when they refer you.

And if it isn't consistent, well this is a perfect opportunity for you to create your own talk trigger. Because at the end of the day, a great Loyalty Loop experience will include a clear talk trigger. 

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