Put A Date On Hold

3 Predictions for the Future of Virtual Events & Webinars


There's one word I hear marketing and sales executives in almost every conversation: engagement.

I'm sure you want to increase "engagement," especially when it comes to virtual events and webinars.

There's only one problem. I don't think most executives know what engagement really is.

It's not their fault. The word has been diluted by gurus and experts.

Somewhere along the way, it became shorthand for likes, comments, shares, and polls.

So, this week on The Loyalty Loop, we're going to set the record straight. How?

We're going to look at the future of virtual events and webinars. We'll do a virtual reality workout in my garage, and I'll introduce you to the Production Paradox.

Oh, and I'll breakdown the true meaning of engagement.

(Btw, if you work with someone who keeps using the word "engagement" in your team meetings, I suggest you send them this week's video.) #SubtleHint

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