Put A Date On Hold

Uncovering and addressing your customers’ crucial concerns

You’ve done it! You’ve sealed the deal on a new car. But as you drive away from the car lot you pause. You start to wonder: did you actually get a good deal? Or did the car dealer just take you for a ride?

Next scenario... You’ve agreed to a 30-minute meeting with a vendor. You were happy enough to begin with but now you’re wondering if it was a good idea. They’re just gonna spend those 30 minutes trying to upsell you, right?

What does each of these scenarios have in common? They both highlight a micro moment that you — and all of your customers — go through any time you trade your money, data, or time for a product or service.

The crucial concern

This micro moment is called the crucial concern — and I’ve just experienced it myself.

Picture it: I’ve just had my morning coffee and I’m signing up for a free demo of some software. Of course there’s a form to fill in and I’m working my way through it. First name, last name, email address, job title, the usual. Then — dramatic pause — it asks for my phone number.

My actual phone number! That stopped me in my tracks. I got up, made myself a fresh cup of coffee, and then I just sat there thinking: “Can I handle the barrage of sales calls I’m going to get if I give them my phone number? Is it worth taking the risk?”

That moment right there? That was my crucial concern.

The crucial concern always hits right before or right after a moment of commitment. Any time you make a purchase, fill out a form, or commit your time to a meeting, you’ll experience it, whether you’re conscious of it or not. And it centers on a critical matter of interest or worry surrounding the moment of commitment.

Addressing the crucial concern

Now, the only way you’re going to create a great Loyalty Loop experience and help your customers overcome this micro moment, is to immediately address the crucial concern. 

So, when you’re driving off the lot, worried that you’ve just been hosed on the price of your new car, the dealer could soothe your crucial concern by emailing you one of those TrueCar reports that shows you did get a good deal.

Or the vendor you’ve scheduled that 30-minute meeting with could reassure you that they’re not going to try to upsell you by sending you a detailed agenda of what you’re going to chat about during the meeting.

Loyalty Loop driver: remove the friction

So back to my software demo dilemma — should I give them my phone number or not?

In the end I decided to go for it. I filled out my number and braced myself for the onslaught of sales calls. Want to bet how many I had to field?

Nada! None! Not a single one.

It was a huge relief because, folks, crucial concerns are real. And whether they’re relatively small like worrying about sales calls or something bigger like worrying you’ve just been scammed, they cause a whole load of friction for your customers.

Here’s my advice…

You can’t avoid the crucial concern; it’s there after every single moment of commitment.

Your job is to crawl into your customer’s mind and figure out what it is and how you can alleviate it for them.

Like the software people — all they had to do was to anticipate my crucial concern and remove friction by deleting the telephone number field from their form. Because while I signed up for the demo anyway, I’m betting that a whole bunch of people got to the phone number field and thought “hell no!”

If you haven’t subscribed to the Loyalty Loop yet because of a crucial concern, this seems like a good time to reassure you that I’m not gonna spam you! All you get is the latest Loyalty Loop, every Wednesday, right into your inbox one whole day before the rest of the world sees it. And that’s it!

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