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Unsolicited Advice: To the Zero-Second-Pop-Up People...

You didn’t ask for it, but we’re dishing it out anyway.

Welcome, to Unsolicited Advice, where every week I dish out some marketing guidance to one unsuspecting target - whether they wanted it or not.

This week, I'm looking at you... 0-second pop-up people!

Dear Zero-Second-Pop-Up-People,

I just got here. So no. I don't want to subscribe. (And FYI, I can't find the button to close your annoying pop-up.) So I'm leaving.

That tweet you composed was compelling enough to click. The headline looked good, and I am interested in reading your stuff. But why would I commit to getting your "weekly round-up" email before I've even consumed your content?

Maybe you should give me a chance to see that compelling article your pop-up is hiding? The truth is you have to earn my trust to get my email address. Instead of building my confidence, your annoying pop-up is instantly undermining it.

Imagine if you walked into my office and before you have an opportunity to shake my hand or introduce yourself I ask you for your credit card. Would you give it to me? I don't think so. Your pop-up is no different.

Here's the deal: How about you let me read that article? Then, and only then, invite me to sign-up.

Whether you wanted it or not,
Andrew Davis
#Unsolicited Advice

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