Put A Date On Hold

Increase your email subscribers by 55%


We're told that if we want to grow our email list, we need to ask for their email address, right? 

So, we create white papers, ebooks, and checklists for people to download. 

They give us their email address. 

We give them what they want. 

Sure, they call it a lead magnet.

But what if you stopped asking for their email address? You'd get fewer leads, right?

Maybe not.

So, on this week's #LoyaltyLoop we'll uncover how one company increased their email subs by 55% when they did just that. They stopped asking for an email address.

(Not to mention the massive growth she had on social media or the increase in content downloads.)

Her theory about why and how it works is so simple. It might be staring you right in the face!

It's so easy. I implemented it in 15 minutes.


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