The Soundtrack of Your Event - #Conex & Marca Chile - The 1% Event

1% event Sep 02, 2018

In third grade, my wife, Elizabeth, was the president of the Journey fan club. I know this because anytime the first few notes of "Don't Stop Believin'" emanate from the car radio speakers she reminds me.

So, when I returned from an event in Toronto two weeks ago to tell my wife that Journey's hit song entranced an audience for forty-minutes, she was thrilled.

You read that right - 40 minutes!

How? Well, what the team at #Conex did might shock most event producers, but it blew away the audience of 700.

So, this week, I'm talking about two 1% Events that used music to heighten the emotion at their events 5000 miles apart.

What's the soundtrack for your event?

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