Put A Date On Hold

How a 1 Day Digital Transformation Helped Raise ~$1 MM to Support Their Mission


A year into the global pandemic, this non-profit raised almost one million dollars by accelerating their digital transformation. (Hint: They harnessed the power of Parkinson's Law.)

I've spent the past year collecting outstanding examples of businesses who've turned the pandemic's constraints into some serious business wins.

But one of these case studies stands out above the rest for three reasons:

  1. It's not a business (they're a nonprofit.)
  2. They stayed true to their mission.
  3. Their team launched a new virtual donation model in just one evening.

And, it worked. They've reached more than 275,000 people in the past year and raised almost $1 MM.

So, on this week's Loyalty Loop, I decided to call the organization's co-founder, Nate Salpeter, to break down exactly what they did. And, I uncovered the magic behind Parkinson's Law.

What did they launch? And what can we all learn from their success?

Oh, and what's with the goat?

What they came up with is so good; I'm willing to bet you donate. I did.

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