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Two amazing customer service examples from one hotel

loyalty loop Jan 27, 2019

It is getting HOT in here, Loyalty Loopers!

But no worries, I'm not going to take off all my clothes (ha, made you look!). Instead, this week I’d like us all to take a deep dive into the refreshing story of how one hotel transformed my personal Loyalty Loop experience in a way that I've never seen it done before. And believe me, as an international keynote speaker, I've seen my fair share of hotels and resorts. While a lot of them do get most things right, I'm here to tell you that even more of them get them dead wrong. (In fact, you're welcome to watch this video from a few months ago, where a hotel in Toronto got it dead wrong.)

Here’s the problem with text messaging from hotels: it’s all self-serving! Hotels want guests to give them a 10/10 rating BEFORE their stay is over instead of focusing on giving them a great experience while they're still there. And this practice adds up to a set of badly-timed interactions, further eroding what could have been a genuinely positive experience.

This is why I can't wait to tell you about the Trisara Resort in Phuket and how they completely transformed my experience by using messaging in a completely new way. To be honest, Trisara blew my mind! BOOM! And how did they do it? By understanding that a customer’s biggest post-purchase concern is at the heart of every great Loyalty Loop experience.

When a person books a hotel room online, what do you think their biggest post-purchase concern is? The answer is universal: “Will I get the room I anticipate getting?”. And that nagging feeling will eat at them until finally stepping inside their room for the first time.

This is why the staff at the Trisara invite you check-in from the comfort of your own room from the get-go, skipping the front desk altogether. That's the genius of the “no front desk” experience: reducing stress and inspiring wonder in one simple step.

But here's the kicker; they were only getting started! After we checked in, Trisara staff invited us to find a specific name on Facebook. This person would turn out to be our personal concierge while on the resort. So anytime we needed anything, we could simply message them through the Facebook app. I ended up using the service much more than I ever expected! Our new friend helped us with everything from boat trips, to taxis, to extra-soft pillows. Just like that, our resort experience went from great to simply amazing! And never once did they ask me if my stay had been a “10”. Why? Because they are still shaping my experience!

It’s memorable experiences like this one that keep me up at night, motivating me to collect and compile them in (drumroll please…) my upcoming new book! SURPRISE- I couldn’t wait to tell you about it!

Expect a first-look at The Loyalty Loop book this September 2019. In it, all my stories will come full circle, starting with the very first video I made for the series (watch it here) and working our way down memory lane to the oh-so risqué revelations of today. It's going to be one hell of a ride and I am incredibly excited to share it with you!

But until then, I believe I have some writing to do.

Leaving Phuket without further ado,


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