Put A Date On Hold

The best "About Us" page in the world! (And the amazing story behind it.)


Precisely zero people revised their "About Us" page after last week's video.
Watch last week's video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmVX0ZVOH40&t=0s 

Yep, zero. Zilch. So, good news! You weren't the only one.

Maybe you didn't hit the edit button because your "About Us" page is 'fine.'

Perhaps you thought about changing it but couldn't find the time.

Or, maybe, you thought marketing the place you do business is just fluff?

Well, this week, I decided to read you the best "About Us" page in the universe.

Sure, it's well-crafted.

Of course, it connects the place they do business to the business they do.

But the story behind creating their "About Us" page proves why you too should answer a simple question: why are you here?

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