Put A Date On Hold

90% growth rate...or else? - The $60MM Pivot


Spring is just around the corner, and the scent of the fresh flowers I just ordered fills my house.

If only growing your business was as simple as planting a few innovation seeds and adding a little water.

It's not. New ideas are risky. Or... they seem that way?

What if your new idea completely flops? What if you fail?

Look, I ordered these flowers from a company whose CEO had 12-hours to find a new way to keep her business afloat.

So, on this week's Loyalty Loop, we'll break down how she rose to the challenge and bravely embraced the constraints. I'll introduce you to the Scales of Risk. You'll learn how to peep-n-creep the competition.

And, I'll show you what she uncovered that turned almost-certain failure into 90% growth in the middle of a global pandemic.

How did she do it?

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