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B2B Email Marketing: What Should You Send To Generate 500% ROI?


I've spent the last few weeks subscribing and unsubscribing to B2B email newsletters, looking for an excellent specimen to share with you.

Buried underneath the mountain of content round-ups, link lists, webinar invitations, promotions, and click-bait subject lines, I unearthed a fantastic example of B2B email marketing at work.

Ironically, it's not a newsletter.

So, I reached out to the team behind this brilliant bit of inbox marketing and asked if their strategy is effective?

It is.

In the last year, their email strategy generated 5X the investment. That's a 500% ROI on an email they send out every other week.

Who sends it? What do they send? And how can you replicate their success?

That's what I'm breaking down in this week's Loyalty Loop. Yep. I've secured their top-secret redacted recipe for success, and I'm sharing it with you.

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