Put A Date On Hold

The 4-audience approach to launching a new product or service! - The Social Momentum Experiment


Nineteen years ago, when Elizabeth and I ordered our wedding bands, we chose a secret message to inscribe in our rings.

They're tiny reminders to each other. Elizabeth's ring says, "Smile." (Because her laughter brings me so much joy.)

My ring?

Well, its tiny reminder says something you should consider embracing when launching any new product or service.

You see, marketers are addicts.

We're addicted to the spikes in our analytics. Launch a new product, execute a massive week-long campaign and bask in the glory of the spike in interest we've created.

We screenshot our web analytics, calculate our reach, celebrate our success and break out the party balloons.

A week later, interest has waned. Those initial sales have plummetted. We've spent every dollar and called in every favor. Suddenly, we find ourselves craving a new high.

So, we craft a new campaign. And the cycle begins again.

Maybe there's a better way?

So, this week on the Loyalty Loop, I'll introduce you to a new launch method. One that builds consistent growth in interest instead of feeding our addiction to those campaign spikes. It's a strategy I'm trying with my latest book launch.

But I'm finding it especially difficult not because it's hard to execute.

It's so tricky because it requires us to tame our spike addiction.

So, every time I wish I saw a massive spike in our sales and interest, I pull off my ring and read it.

My ring says, "Patience."

Are you ready to build marketing momentum?

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