Put A Date On Hold

The marketing tech that went from joke to woke


You know the phrase, "everything old is new again"? We see this in fashion all the time. Two weeks ago, my 11-year-old niece informed me that tie-dye is super cool.

The same thing happens all the time in marketing.

While some of us are rushing to TikTok and Clubhouse, others turn to "old-school" marketing tools in a modern world.

And they're working!

Just ask Andrew Gifford. He's inspiring new sales using a 25-year-old technology at Naked Cashmere. This retro-tech is so effective that 30% of Andrew's marketing budget is spent on direct mail. Yeah, a physically printed piece of mail.

Ahem. "The Future of Digital IS Print." Ahem.

So, let's go check my mail and trace the rise and fall and rise again of an invention whose time has finally come because of a global pandemic.

The tech that went from joke to woke…

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