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How to increase customer satisfaction and sales

In this video and blog, I showed you how reverse personalization can have a massive impact on your customer satisfaction and the business you do. And we did it by ordering a pizza from Domino's using their order tracker online.

We're going do the very same thing this week, but dive in a lot deeper so I can show you how the pizza tracker increases customer satisfaction and sales.

How can you increase customer satisfaction?

The key is to increase anticipation. If you want to know why increasing anticipation is the key to customer satisfaction success, watch this video right here – I go in depth into the psychology behind the power of anticipation.

The bottom line is that buying a product does not make us happy. Anticipating the product's arrival in our lives makes us happy and a pizza is no different.

The pizza itself will not make us any happier than we are right now, but anticipating its arrival in our lives will make us happier.

This means that to increase customer satisfaction, we must increase anticipation.

How to increase anticipation - The Domino’s Way

I like to think of customer anticipation and enthusiasm on a scale.

When you buy anything at all, you're at a 50 on the enthusiasm scale. At 100, you’ve never been more excited in your life and at zero you’ve forgotten about the thing you’ve just bought and don't even remember buying it!

I’ll demonstrate by talking you through what happens when I ordered a pizza from Domino's.

When I submit my order, I am at a 50. But straight away, Domino’s invite me to track my order using their online order tracker. Just this invitation takes me from a 50 to a 60.

I click the tracker link and start to watch my order progress through the stages. With every stage, my anticipation and excitement elevates and my enthusiasm goes from a 60 to a 65.

When the order tracker tells me that Sarah put my order in the oven at 1:58 PM I reach a 70 on the enthusiasm scale! As I wait for my pizza to bake in keen anticipation, I realize I can change the music on the order tracker and reach 80 on the enthusiasm scale!

When I’m told that Andrew has left with my pizza and is on his way, I'm a 90!

I was supposed to be doing work, but instead spent my time engaging with the brand anticipating this pizza's arrival in my life.

The power of social proof

What Domino's has done here is amazing. They've raised anticipation for the product's arrival in my life.

If you search Twitter anytime of the day, any day of the week, anytime of the year for Domino's order tracker and you will find tweets from people talking about how much they love the order tracker and how excited they are to receive their pizza.

How increasing anticipation increases customer satisfaction

Remember the old days before you could order online, before there was an online order tracker? You had to call Domino's.

Now, let's say, when you made that call you were a 50 on the enthusiasm scale. That's the baseline for anytime you order or buy a product.

Now, what happened between the time you ordered that pizza and the time it arrived? Literally nothing. You went back to work or did whatever you were supposed to do and then at some point, the pizza guy showed up.

So, the happiest you're going to be when that pizza guy shows up is a 50 on the enthusiasm scale. You are satisfied, but you are not excited.

The Domino's order tracker first debuted in 2008 and at the time, the Domino's stock price was about $13 and the American Customer Service Index rated the Domino's Pizza customer satisfaction at about a 75 out of 100.

By 2013, five years later, Domino's had done one billion dollars in online orders. Their customer satisfaction had skyrocketed to an 81 on the very same index and their stock price had quadrupled.

So, was everybody satisfied... including customers? I'd say yes.

Domino's understands that increasing anticipation increases customer satisfaction and that, my friends, is exactly what the pizza order tracker does. It increases anticipation for the arrival of the pizza in your life.

How you can increase anticipation for the product or service you deliver?

What is your very own version of the Domino's order tracker? It doesn't have to be technology. You can do the very same things with emails and phone calls and videos and reverse personalization.

Let me know what ideas you have in the comments below!

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