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The Tale of Two Vodkas

"What is your town known for?" I asked the volunteer at the visitor center.
She balked behind the leaflets for mountain bike tours, national parks, and kayak rentals.

"Um... we used to be a big logging town?" she said as if I knew the answer.
"What else are you known for?"

She smiled sheepishly and said, "Well, we're not proud of it, but we're the marijuana capital of America..."

She was right. This small California town was not proud of its booming illicit marijuana trade.

That's when a bagel shop, a creamery, a chocolatier, and a few dozen other businesses joined forces.

They decided to turn the subject of their shame into the cornerstone for a collective marketing plan.

And it worked.

This week, on the #LoyaltyLoop, I'll introduce you to the town that turned dense fog, freshwater, and the best weed in the country into marketing assets for the masses.

What's your town known for? Seriously. I want to know.

I spent three years crisscrossing America asking business owners and executives just like you what their town is known for.

Unfortunately, most of us don't have an answer designed to add value to our business. That's why I wrote Town INC.

Check out the book: https://www.akadrewdavis.com/town-inc 

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