Put A Date On Hold

How webinars and virtual events lost their way


Like so many others, I spent most of 2020 mired down in the modern struggles of a new reality.

Virtual events. Zoom calls. Webinars. Online meet-ups.

And I did a lot of thinking.

In May, I started wondering, 'what's wrong with virtual events?' By the end of the year, I'd participated in over 60 online events and webinars, and I decided we can do better.

Much better.

Let's kick off 2021 with a unique series of Loyalty Loop episodes designed to help all of us rethink virtual events.

So, this week on The Loyalty Loop, we're going to meet a webinar pioneer from the 1990s. We're time-traveling to 1895 in Lyon, France. And I'll introduce you to Lumiere's Law.

Because if we want to understand what's wrong with our webinars and virtual events, we need to know how we got here before we decide where to go next.

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