Put A Date On Hold

How One Company Increased Website Traffic & Generated Thousands of Leads


I had a tough time finding a b2b example for you this week. But on Monday, I called a marketer I knew could help point me in the right direction - and he did.

He told me about a company that increased its online conversion rates by 28% and drove 11,592 leads in two weeks.

They didn't do it by removing form fields on their landing pages. They didn't do it by offering an excellent white paper or a free consultation.

They did it by harnessing the power of a simple psychological phenomenon that very few of our teams understand or leverage.

So, this week on The Loyalty Loop, I'm going to show you exactly how this b2b brand beats the competition to their next lead. I'll walk you through the brain science that makes it work, and you'll learn the super-secret question that just might transform your lead gen strategy forever.

I'll also reveal the source of this incredible story.

Learn how to leverage a simple psychological phenomenon to generate more high-quality leads more often.

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