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Embrace the Place - The 1% Event

It goes something like this.

Travel to a spectacular, exotic place.
Check in to the hotel room. Wander around enjoying the beauty and splendor of a new or unusual place and the magnificent weather.
Then spend three days locked in a generic ballroom or conference center.

There's nothing like a change of scenery to revitalize a weary conference attendee.

That's why when I arrived in sunny Orlando a few years ago for a corporate event I was shocked to find out where I'd be speaking.

You see, I'd been invited to be the opening keynote speaker the night before the three-day corporate retreat began.

When I asked the front desk which ballroom the dinner and keynote speech was in, they couldn't find it on the conference sheet.

After asking around the helpful front-desk attendant told me that the dinner was right there.

As I spun around to see where she was pointing, I could see the banquet tables and buffet being set up. Right outside the lobby was a spectacular pool and amazingly inviting deck space. The weather was splendid, and the setting sun framed the stage where I'd been asked to speak.

That's right. The opening keynote speech was outside the Ritz Carlton in Orlando on the pool deck. What a change of scenery, not just for me, but for every attendee from Emmis Communications.

That's why Emmis Communications' Corporate Retreat is this week's 1% event. There's nothing like embracing the place when it comes to re-energizing a team and inviting them to think big.

How can you get outside the ballroom?


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