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Are you missing this simple marketing opportunity? (A Vodka Case Study)


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You're taking one massive marketing asset for granted.

We're told to answer the "Why?". We've been encouraged to be clear about the "What?". And, if we're great marketers, we're wholly focused on the "Who?".

But what about the "Where"?

For three weeks, Loyalty Loopers, just like you, have sent emails and posted comments objecting to my challenge to market the place you do business.

"But, I sell online only..." Or, "I provide services to clients all over the world... they don't care where I do business." Or even, "the city where I work doesn't add any real value to my business."

You're not alone. So many of us struggle to answer the "Why are we here?" question.

Here's a hint: usually, there's some asset so evident that you've taken it for granted. It's just there.

That's why we need to hear the tale of two vodkas from a hotel room in the middle of Oklahoma. You'll see how one vodka brand is taking its biggest marketing asset for granted.

It's so obvious; you'll even figure out what asset they've overlooked after three Lychee Martinis.

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