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How to ask for reviews or testimonials

I recently came across an amazing example of how one company gets better customer testimonials and reviews more often from more people.

It's elegantly simple and it's genius.

I'm sure you've ordered something from a third party seller on Amazon, and usually after you make that order you get an email like this:

“Hi Andrew,

It's Sabrina from Cameta Camera, just checking in to make sure your order was delivered safely.

Could you help us out?

We do our best to provide outstanding customer service, and what you really think matters! If you could take a second and leave us a seller review, we would really appreciate it. We love hearing your thoughts, and genuine feedback really helps our store in this super-competitive marketplace. Thank you!”

I get tons of these and I never leave the reviews. I just don't have time and, to be honest, I don't really care.

But one company has inspired me to leave a glowing review.

How did they do it?

A great way to ask for testimonials or reviews

I ordered a gadget for my MacBook Pro from a company on Amazon and when I opened up the package there was a little gray piece of paper. It was a little note from the owners of the company and it read:

"Charlie and Jenny here, the husband and wife founders. Hence Char Jen Pro! We are so grateful to you for choosing our brand.

Our small business started in 2016 with our love for tech and design. Your review will mean the world to us and keep us going on our journey.

Thank you for your support.

Charlie and Jenny."

Wow, Charlie and Jenny!

The power of reverse personalization

I’ve already talked about reverse personalization – the process of humanizing your brand for the customers and clients you serve – and how Domino's Pizza are using it to provide a great customer experience.

Well, reverse personalization is exactly what Charlie and Jenny are using too.

Not only have they made the brand personal, they've made the request for a review personal. The gray piece of paper feels like a handwritten note and it’s clearly had an effect on other people from their reviews.

Here’s one:

"I was going to just use this product as normal as I have been for a bit since changing over to the newer MacBook Pro. But today I received a letter, handwritten, from the owners of the company thanking me for my purchase. This is the first time something like this in dozens of things I've bought from Amazon has happened which gives it one star back from an otherwise four star product."

This customer was going to give it four stars, but this little note changed it to a five star review!

A very little thank you card like this goes so far.

OK, so the card isn't actually handwritten, it's printed (if you lick your finger and try to blot the card, it doesn't smudge which means it's printed by a printer). But it looks like it's handwritten and that’s the magic.

Charlie and Jen understand that reverse personalization increases our connection to the people behind the brand. Because all branding is personal today.

How can you increase your customer and client satisfaction?

Send a thank you note, but, like Charlie and Jenny think about including these five things:

  1. Introduce yourself very briefly - "Charlie and Jenny here, the husband and wife founders. Hence CharJenPro!"
  2. Express your gratitude for their purchase - "We are so grateful for choosing our brand."
  3. Tell us why you love what you do - "Our small business started in 2016 with our love for tech and design."
  4. Ask for the review but tell us why it matters - "Your review will mean the world to us and keep us going on our journey."
  5. Thank them one more time - "Thank you for your support. Charlie and Jenny."

It's elegantly simple. It's so beautifully done.

Take a minute to look over your review and testimonial request emails or letters. Ask yourself if you’re using reverse personalization to make a better connection to the customers and clients you serve.

Remember, you want to get the most out of your client and customer relationships and we should be thinking more like Charlie and Jenny and their little gray note.

What is the best request for a review or testimonial that you've ever received? Let me know in the comments!

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