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  • Heidi Cohen

    Andrew Davis recommended killing it on one platform or channel at a time. This goes against the grain of being everywhere at once. Start with your existing inner circle. Put yourself in the center of your target market’s world.

  • LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

    Andrew Davis, Founder, Monumental Shift, urged marketers to be more thoughtful about creating content. “Stop vomiting content on every channel,” he commanded.

  • Digital Marketing Magazine

    Andrew Davis says, “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

  • Top Rank Marketing

    At last week’s MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum, Andrew Davis had the crowd roaring with laughter as he impersonated a marketer with a fresh piece of content. “Let’s put it on the blog!” he exclaimed

  • Entrepreneur

    “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” – Andrew Davis, author of Brandscaping


    Andrew Davis, author of Brandscaping, calls this “the hook” — a simple twist on a familiar theme designed to entrap or ensnare your audience. Without “tilting” your content just enough to truly have a different story to tell, your content will fade into the rest of the clutter and be forgotten.

  • Socedo

    Andrew Davis is a speaker and best-selling author on how to build momentum in marketing. In his keynote presentation, Andrew challenged us all to rethink the way we look at analytics—especially site traffic on Google Analytics.

  • LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

    Buy ads for the right kind of content that has already proven it has legs. — Andrew Davis, Founder, Monumental Shift

  • Content Standard by Skyward

    Davis’ message was clear: stop chasing your next high. Instead, learn from your marketing valleys, and make sure the depth of your current valley is higher than the valley before it. This will change the way you think—not creating stuff for the moment, but building marketing momentum.

  • Mark Armstrong Illustration

    Andrew Davis, author of Brandscaping, recommends a 4-1-1 social sharing strategy: for every 6 pieces of content you share via Twitter; 4 pieces of content from your targeted influencer that are relevant to your audience, 1 piece of your own content that helps your audience and demonstrates your expertise,1 piece of sales-related content for your product or service; e.g., a coupon, press release, limited-time offer, etc.

  • B2B News Network

    Best-selling author, Andrew Davis, delivered a dynamic second keynote, starting with pizza. The marketing pizza, to be precise.

  • Demand Gen Report

    Davis said many B2B companies are prioritizing “going viral” and finding those spikes in analytics, rather than building their distribution strategy for continued success.

  • LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

    In this session, keynote speaker and best-selling author Andrew Davis will discuss how amazing content has become “table stakes.” The secret to making this content stand out is from strategically promoting and distributing it.

  • Top Rank Marketing

    50 speakers that are sure to influence your knowledge about B2B marketing this week at the B2B Forum in Boston.

  • Marketing Insider Group

    Andrew Davis is the founder of Monumental Shift, one of my good friends, and one of the best marketing speakers you will ever hear. Andrew will make you believe that you can ignite conversations around your brand and build moments of inspiration for your customers.

  • Business 2 Community

    Renowned marketing speaker and bestselling author Andrew Davis advised content marketers to look for opportunities to contribute content gems. He said that you shouldn’t publish just because you have to. More importantly, your content shouldn’t add to the information overload that is already there.

  • NZ Herald

    'Commit to a niche. Stop trying to be everything to everybody' - Andrew Davis

  • Publishing Executive

    Publishers have an opportunity to take market share from these agencies, said Chief Media Alchemist and Reboot emcee Andrew Davis. That’s why major publishers like Time Inc., Condé Nast, and Hearst are investing in creative studios that are developing native content.

  • Dealerscope

    Monumental Shift Founder Andrew Davis, who encouraged the audience to stop telling a story about how they’re different and actually show consumers what they’re doing to adapt to 21st century retailing.

  • Brand Movers

    Do not start a new medium. Fix something first that does not work, by making better content to it. For example: If you have a newsletter, then look at the content you send out into it. Is it valuable - that it is relevant for the audience, you go after? Will it be delivered on a regular basis, and it is of high quality? If it is not, then do not, for example, to start a new blog. Enhance your newsletter first.

  • Skyword

    What’s the content solution for your brand? Fill a content hole. Create content your audience doesn’t know they need, but they fall in love with it once they discover it. Davis recommended targeting a niche, a defined, specific audience, that you know will be more likely to engage with your content.

  • Content Magazine

    Converse, the shoe company, and Guitar Center, a company that sells music equipment in retail stores, have come together successfully. The reason they did this was Converse realized if they could build a relationship with musicians very early on, and embrace their passion for music, that it would pay off in spades.

  • Traackr

    In a world where more content is often misinterpreted as more impact, Andrew Davis is flipping the script. It is possible to drive more results with fewer pieces of content because consumers favor quality over quantity.

  • Content Marketing Institute

    “Changing the way you measure the impact of your content marketing is one of the easiest ways to improve. Instead of measuring views, visits, leads, or downloads measure revenue per subscriber.”

  • FusionSpark Media

    “My sense of purpose is that I can have personal impact on the publishing industry,” explains Andrew, “and if I can convince one print media sales person to make a huge change for their publication, as a result of the videos I’m recording, then I’m making an impact on the world.”

  • Studio North

    “Change the way you think about content by treating content like a product,” said Andrew Davis in his opening keynote. A strong content brand, he said, builds a relationship with your audience before they need you—and can even help generate that need.

  • BuzzSumo

    Drew Davis, author of Brandscaping, kicked things off at the event after a nice jazz sax introduction by Sean Packard. Drew emphasised the theme of content shock “we live in an information overload world” but just because there is more information available doesn’t mean we can consume more. The reality is we will only ever see a fraction of the 4 trillion indexed webpages.

  • LinkedIn

    Andrew Davis, founder of Monumental Shift, described the situation that content marketers face every day: “We live in an information overload world,” Davis said. “Just because there is more information available doesn’t mean one can consume more. Seventeen new webpages are published every single second.”

  • Magnificent Marketing LLC

    I had the pleasure of sitting down with bestselling author and internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, Andrew Davis. Davis founded Monumental Shift, the world’s first talent agency for marketing thought leaders. We discussed how to build business relationships- everything from researching prospects, negotiations, and closing the deal.

  • E-Commerce Brasil

    Andrew Davis, author of the bestselling Brandscaping , the difference is clear: branded content refers to a content-oriented brand. It is a very close approach to advertising.

  • Publishing Exec Magazine

    After a successful maiden voyage last year, Publishing Executive will once again hold Reboot: Radically Transforming Media Sales in New York City this fall. Slated for Oct 5-6 at The Breslin at Ace Hotel, Reboot is a high-performance sales workshop that will arm media sellers for success in the modern media world.

  • Brand Newsroom Podcast

    Public speaking is a vital skill for anyone in business, yet so many of us are bad at it. The Brand Newsroom team has been delivering presentations for years. Today they swap notes and share advice to help you make your presentations the engaging, lead-generating business tools you need them to be.


    Andrew Davis hit the nail on the head when he said, “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

  • Momentum Magazine

    "Andrew Davis believes there is great value in finding brands to partner with and then delivering value to each other’s audiences. Here are a few of his helpful hints…"

  • Editor and Publisher

    According to marketing expert Andrew Davis, 17 new Web pages are published every second. If you think about it, said Davis, in a span of five seconds that’s 85 new Web pages getting uploaded to the Internet.

  • Publishing Executive Magazine

    Look, if you want to see a radical transformation in the revenue you generate as a media seller, you have got to take it upon yourself to change the way you sell. In fact, changing the way you sell will ultimately change what you sell (and that is where a radical transformation occurs.) So let’s start by rethinking the very first meeting with a new prospect.

  • "Look to Partner: Reach out to these organizations to partner on what Andrew Davis calls “brandscaping” efforts; joint research projects, ebooks, whitepapers, etc."

  • Publishing Executive Magazine

    Today I’m happy to announce phase two of Reboot: Radically Transforming Media Sales. Launched in the fall of last year as a full-day workshop, Reboot now takes form as a multimedia learning program featuring blogs, articles, video courses, and a weekly newsletter called Reboot Inbox. All this will culminate with a live workshop on October 5-6 in NYC.

  • Publishing Executive Magazine

    The biggest problem media salespeople face today is what Davis calls the CMO Pizza. Although brand marketers are purchasing more marketing solutions than ever before, investing in social media, SEO, events, and more, they are just slicing their budget into more pieces, not growing it. As the CMO Pizza is split in more ways, the amount of revenue magazine publishers can earn from these brands shrinks. “Advertisers are buying more types of advertising, but magazine publishers are getting paid less. You used to have four products to sell, and now you’re selling 50, so you’re producing more stuff and doing more work for the same or less amount of revenue,” said Davis.

  • The Art of Breaking Out Podcast

    Andrew and I start off the show by discussing his breakout moment—that instant in time that defined the course of his career. This moment happened in 2008 at a custom publishing conference, where he bombarded the godfather of content marketing, Joe Pulizzi with a zillion questions 🙂 Andrew knows how to get attention and he sure got Joe’s attention on that day. Because without having seen Andrew speak in front of a crowd, Joe asked him to speak at an event. This speaking event changed the course of Andrew’s life, and he soon realized that inspiring marketers and entrepreneurs to think differently was something he excelled at and enjoyed. And soon his previous experiences came together to launch a speaking and writing career he previously didn’t think possible.

  • Top Rank Marketing

    Reaching out cold: “I get requests from people I know really well every week. What makes you think I’ll make time to work with you if I’ve never interacted with you before? Take some time to comment on my posts, rate my podcast, review my book. I’ll return the favor in a heartbeat.” Andrew Davis, Founder, Monumental Shift

  • The New York Times

    “We’ve seen brands transition from an outlaw brand to a mainstream brand — Harley Davidson comes to mind,” said Andrew Davis, a brand consultant in Boston who has worked with brands like the Jim Henson Company and Rodale, which straddle the media and consumer sectors.

  • Content Marketing Mastery

    Becoming a content marketing master isn’t about creating a lot of content. It’s actually about treating your content like a product. In order to do this you must take an audience-first approach to creating content. You must make an appointment with your audience and deliver on it religiously. You must have a repeatable format and it must be powered by a person your audience can trust. Want to be a content marketing master? Treat your content like a product.


    Andrew was rated the second most influential marketer at Content Marketing World in 2014, and his book Brandscaping provides a practical, actionable framework for using content to power business partnerships.

  • Actionable Marketing Guide - Heidi Cohen

    "Think inside the mobile app! Take a page from Andrew Davis’s Brandscaping. Is there an established app you can partner with to create a mutually beneficial outcome? Just as major television advertisers add product placement to keep their product visible, smart marketers will consider how to create deals that integrate with existing mobile app players. Understand that these deals require being innovative and testing new waters. Further you must be willing to put up value for your partner."

  • Content Marketing World

    "It was almost three years ago and I was attending my first Content Marketing World conference. As I settled into my seat, the introduction for Andrew Davis’ presentation, which he called Bigger Success, Less Content, went something like this: “He had more cups of coffee by six o’clock this morning than you’ll have all day — ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Andrew Davis!” And with that, the expectations for an energizing talk were set pretty high. He still blew us away."

  • Business Marketing Association

    In his book Brandscaping, author Andrew Davis points out that 50 to 60 percent of a Hollywood movie production budget is spent on distribution. That means for the 2015 release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, which had a production budget of $250 million, studio execs would have spent $100 million to $150 million on distribution.


  • Content Marketing Institute

    "It’s the most shocking calls. They used to slot 30 minutes for these calls, expecting people to chat, but the people are like, ‘What? I didn’t expect you to call. This is crazy. Let me tell my wife.’ I think it’s something more brands could do."

  • Gazelles International Coaches

    What happens when you market the place in which you do business just as much, if not more, than the business you do? The answer is nothing short of amazing.

  • Social Media Examiner

    The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. In this episode I interview Andrew Davis, author of Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships. He’s also a popular speaker. Andrew explores the why and how of marketing partnerships with content. You’ll discover the importance of creating marketing partnerships, as well as how to find the best partners and the keys to a successful collaboration.